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Gear Up and Move Out

Here is a list of events that we have planned for the year.  We will not attend all of the events listed, just ones that we agree to go to and can make.  Check this page frequently for updates and more info.


2003 Event List

January 21-26 - Battle of the Bulge, Ft. Indiantown Gap
February 21-23 - Old bedford Village, Bedford PA
March 1First Reading Work Weekend 
March  - Harrisburg Militaria Show, Harrisburg PA
May 8-10 - Former Aberdeen miliatary vehicle show, Churchvill
May 17-18 - Lancaster Historical Society, Lancaster PA
May 24 - Mt. Joy Memorial Day Parade, Mt. Joy PA
June 1-2 - Final Reading Work weekend
June 5-8 - Reading WWII Airshow, Reading PA
June 14, 21 - Reading Teardown
July 11-13 - Monte Casino - Milford, PA
August 16-17 - Fredrick Airshow, Fredrick MD
August 23-24 - Lancaster Airport fly in
September 5-6 - Battle, Odessa NY
September 21-22 - Eisenhower Farm, Gettysburg PA
November  - Troops and Trains, Strasburg PA

Events in Red are Living Histories

Events in Blue are Battle Re-enactments

Italics are 25th Division Impressions         

** This is just a listing of the events, living histories, military shows, and parades that have been found through various units web sites and events that we have done in the past. They are not cast in stone, we attend the ones we want to. If anyone else has any events please let us know so we can add them here. There will be more added when we get info on them.


Recent Event Recaps

September 6-8  - Battle, Odessa NY
       Only a few of us were present, but all in all it was a good fight.  Sgt. Barclay got two Germans from the get-go, trying to sneak up from behind us.  PFC Z. Titus ripped away on the .30 cal mg while Pvt. Walter took out an armored car with the bazooka.  Pvt. Doyle sat in a hole by himself for a while, and Cpl. Gisi was constantly reminded by the higher-ups of how we could of used his jeep there.

Next Event

Feb. 21-23 - Old Bedford Village, Bedford PA
    A first for the division, should be a lot of Germans there and that means plenty of trigger time.

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